Here’s another stunning alpine holiday home by Sally Turnbull Architecture.

This eco-friendly holiday home features in-slab heating powered by solar panels on the north-facing roof. The fully insulated floor slab radiates heat which rises to make this home so cosy throughout winter, including the garage! The owners are able to economically maintain a minimum temperature of 15 degrees between visits to safeguard against water pipe freezing and keep a constant temperature inside, all by using free energy from the sun. 

This smart house can be managed remotely and kept secure using smart technology from Go Wireless NZ Ltd. When they leave home, the owners can remotely adjust the heating to ensure a warm welcome upon arrival. The deep wall studs and double layer of ceiling insulation provide thermal efficiency well above building code. 

The main timber deck is waterproofed using suspended corrugated roofing to form a versatile services area underneath.

Eco on Oakview

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